Barcelona 租船 |比较 Barcelona 游艇租赁

Barcelona 私人船只和游艇租赁、钓鱼租赁、乘船游览和水上运动

Barcelona 私人租船、乘船游览、捕鱼和水上运动

比较和选择大多数私人包船、乘船游览、包船捕鱼和水上运动 Barcelona.

我们已经与 Barcelona 的大多数游艇和船只租赁公司协商了最优惠的价格,并且可以为我们的客户提供一站式解决方案,以比较所有船只和水上运动活动的价格、船型选择和旅行选择。我们为您提供多种选择,从 50 英尺双体船、摩托艇到 18 英尺摩托艇。无论您是想找一艘船去钓鱼、浮潜、潜水,还是参加日落巡游,我们都会向您展示。

Barcelona 船、游艇和钓鱼租赁
您可以租用私人包船并选择自己的行程,或参加 Barcelona 的共享游船之旅,并在分摊包租费用的同时与船上的其他人会面。提供包船和乘船游览,提供各种不同的旅游选择。去水晶般清澈的海水潜水,在原始水域浮潜,或者在礁石或深海钓鱼时试试运气。

在 5 分钟内完成我们的 Barcelona 船只申请表,让我们知道您何时、在您的私人或共享包机上寻找什么。我们将在几个小时内回复您,如果您喜欢我们的报价,您可以通过支付少量押金来确认。然后,您将收到一份详细的确认凭证,以在您的包机当天出示。


  • thumb 选择您喜欢的船
  • thumb 填写我们简单的预订申请表
  • thumb 我们将在几个小时内确认
  • thumb 在租船时支付押金和余额

Barcelona 旅游与活动

Some of the many tours we recommend by private charter boat

Go sightseeing from the boat
Visit some amazing Dive spots
Snorkel the chrystal clear waters
Try your luck Reef Fishing
试试你的运气 礁钓
Experience a Deep Sea Fishing trip
Go on sunset cruise


Boating in Barcelona is a popular activity among tourists and locals alike. The city boasts a large marina, Port Vell, which is located in the heart of the city and offers stunning views of the city skyline. From here, visitors can take a variety of boats out on the water, including luxury yachts, traditional sailing ships, and speedboats.
One popular option for tourists is to take a boat tour of the city. These tours typically lasta few hours and take visitors past some of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona, including the Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Familia, and the Montjuic Castle.You can also choose a sunset cruise for a romantic evening out on the water.
We offer you a variety of boats,everything from small motorboats to large yachts.You can choose to sail for a few hours or for a full day,with or without skipper. 
For those looking for a more active boating experience, Barcelona also offers a range of water sports options. Visitors can try their hand at windsurfing, kitesurfing, or stand-up paddleboarding.
Barcelona is also a popular spot for sailing enthusiasts. The city is home to several sailing clubs, and visitors can take sailing lessons or rent a sailboat to explore the waters off the coast of the city.
Overall, boating in Barcelona is a great way to experience the city from a different perspective and to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Whether you prefer a leisurely boat tour or an adrenaline-pumping water sport, there is something for everyone in this vibrant coastal city.
  • RF

    Nice day snorkeling with my family of 6. The waters were calm And only 6 ft deep but the marine life was amazing. Even caught some lobster.

    Sep, 2022
  • TB

    Great day fishing the flats. Caught Permit, Barracuda and huge Tarpon. Captain and boat were great and made for a great day!

    Jun, 2022
  • ST

    Amazing trip deep sea fishing. We went about 20 miles offshore and found a weed patch were we caught tons of Mahi! Will do it again soon.

    Dec, 2021